January 18th: Ecosystem + P2E Update

4 min readJan 18, 2023


Soakverse Ecosystem & Play-2-earn update January 18th 2023

Hey Soakverse!

It’s been a fast and busy few weeks for the Soakverse Team! Not only have we rolled out elements from our New Years Day Announcement and delivered huge Weekly & Monthly Giveaways, but we’re continuing to finalize more partnerships and fine tune the game UI and dynamics, as we charge towards the Wizh Stone Free Mint, while implementing a steady flow of ecosystem improvements to both Soakvere AND Soakmont! *Phew*

Read on for a closer look at what we’ve been doing, and a peek at what’s next!

Soakverse Labs LLC

We’re pleased to announce that Soakverse Labs LLC is now a fully registered business! We’re also in the process of hiring its first employees and are being approached by clients requesting services.

Through Soakverse Labs we will create organizational blueprints and collections of technologies. Community members can contribute in a number of ways! The company will also have the ability to give back to the Soakverse Decentralized Ecosystem in a manner that assists with contacts, promoting, testing, community management & much more.


We started like lions by rapidly onboarding a marketing team in late 2022 that was to take over the management of public communications and be responsible for implementing our larger strategy. After an introductory testing phase, we’ve decided to part ways when we encountered similar issues as experienced with past service providers: We need a fully dedicated team that believes in the project, operates with clarity and clean structure, and is capable of delivery at a regular cadence, on plan, in a manner we can scale.

We now have a Full Time dedicated resource for social media management, content creation and other administrative tasks, alongside our pre-existing graphic design and other resources.

We’re in the process of further onboarding more resources and partners on the marketing side as we develop our internal team.

Finalizing our current partnerships & making sure the marketing of the game is a success is crucial for the success of Soakverse as a whole.

Soakverse P2E

The past few weeks we’ve been in constant meetings in preparation for the launch of our P2E game. This includes several meetings with large strategic marketing & technical partners that can significantly increase the reach of our Soakverse Launch and Ecosystem as a whole!

One of the decisions that was recently made, was to take all in-game items from “off-chain” to “on-chain”. Basically this means that in-game items (consumables) that were going to exist just within the Soakverse, will actually be tradeable/saleable items on-chain! Not only does this provide another vector of royalty generation and ecosystem robustness, but it also means…

you can earn more items that can then be sold!

We’ve decided to go with BSC (Binance Smart Chain), which aligns with $SKMT token operating on BSC, reducing friction with the # of different crypto tokens/chains used in the ecosystem.

People will also be able to purchase certain items in our Store using fiat via Credit Card as well!

One result of this decision is that it opens up some very very interesting partner opportunities, which we’re currently in talks with..

We’re still aiming at February 1st being the Game Reveal!

Lots of information around the game, mechanics, visuals, and more. Perhaps even an… AMA!?

Following the Game Reveal, and early holder access, we will continue to add features, areas, etc, in phases that build on each other, allowing for people to participate in the game and earn, as new upgrades roll out over time.

(This also helps the marketing and makes for some delightfully valuable Weekly & Monthly Giveaway rewards… *hint hint*)

Game Reveal February 1st

Here is what will happen on February 1st:

  • We will reveal a portion of the game to our holders to start interacting with it;
  • A large set of information about the mechanics will be released;
  • We will reveal and start a broader marketing campaign with our new partners;
  • Every player active on Feb 1st will receive a game reveal surprise;
  • The date for the next Soakverse Game Update will be revealed.

In Summary

From getting Soakverse Labs LLC officially set up, to onboarding our own internal Marketing Solution, to getting the final structural components into place, and onboarding some potent new partners, it has been one busy and productive start to the year!

The decision to move all items ‘on-chain’ and our recent breakthrough regarding specific partners will give us a lot of momentum to get going as the market starts to breathe again.

We’ll leave you with this thought…
We didn’t onboard a resource full time regarding social media for nothing!
Expect sneak peak & game teases soon, piece by piece, just to make sure the suffering is real! Muhahahahah!

LFG Soakverse!