Running into 2023 like lions!

4 min readJan 4, 2023


For those that missed the New Year Event, here is a summary of what was discussed & announced in Soakverse.

Some words looking back at 2022.

2022 was a pretty intense year with all the downward market velocity creating FUD & throwing shade on the whole crypto industry. Soakverse used that to strengthen its vision and adapt to the current market while shifting to a much more solid ecosystem.

Soakverse OGs minted as our Genesis NFT Line in 2 batches: 200 in March and 165 in September. The loyalty program was then created for OGs and $SKMT token stakers. That loyalty program already gave value to the OGs holders and will continue to give them a lot of value over time.

Eggz by Soakverse came after in October, getting Soakverse on the map through collaboration with some big communities.

Eggz is an evolutive NFT and is the main token of the Play-2-Earn, the ticket to the weekly and monthly raffles and much more in the upcoming ecosystem, including access to real life ecommerce deals.

Eggz & OGs holders already won prizes worth dozens of ETH and we’re only getting started.

During the 2022 building phase, we’ve accomplished A LOT of important things:

  • Creating the regulatory framework for real estate and other private assets crowdfunding through Soakmont Group, giving perks during the fundraising and exploitation of the assets to the Soakverse community.
  • Creating trust with our community by taking healthy decisions for the ecosystem, reinvesting a lot of our funds into building Soakverse & technologies needed for the future of Soakverse.
  • Creating a network of contacts that is helping and will help Soakverse for its 2023 journey to greatness.
  • Creating a framework for the transparency and automation of the ecosystem, making sure the funds are always safe and properly redistributed to the different moving pieces.
  • Strengthening the mission & vision as a whole.
  • Analyzing the market in depth, including other projects & current trends to make sure that we are ahead of what is coming up in Web3.
  • Much more smaller milestones have been achieved.

Running into 2023 like lions!

This coming year will be full of activity, starting with a January month fully packed!

To make sure we fully deliver, we’ve added 3 new marketing and Web3 resources to the collaborators.

This leads us to improving our working framework in many ways:

  • Improve project management by implementing (again) a more precise project management tool.
  • Improve brand standardisation & content creation by cleaning our content creation tool and structuring all assets properly.
  • Improve communication channels by narrowing them down to what those are used for and who is the audience.
  • Creating another discord that is more structured for each collaborator depending on what they are helping.
  • Starting the recruitment & on-boarding of more resources.

Those improvements also lead us to the first tangible steps of January:

  • Finishing to clean & update our main Discord.
  • Continuing the standardisation of all socials.
  • Preparing the release of a new and more precise Roadmap for 2023.
  • Preparing the release of more precise documentations and tutorials about each Soakverse moving piece and the global ecosystem.
  • Major update to the Soakverse website content.
  • Begin the education phase on the whole ecosystem.
  • Begin the education phase on the Play 2 Earn.

We also announced some cool details:

  • There will be a new free mint with a higher whitelisted quantity for Soakverse OGs and Eggz owners that will be very important in the P2E and for the evolution of your NFTs.
  • Those will be stones that will be used to grant you a wish & receive a gift for the Play 2 Earn. Gifts can be different between each stone with a percentage to receive each item based on the tier of the stone.
  • OGs will be the mentors of the Play 2 Earn, boosting performances of other players that are the mentee. Each OG will have a limited spot for mentees. OGs will receive perks from each mentee. More information to come later on this.
  • Best configuration for the P2E is at least 1 Soakverse OG, at least 6 Eggz and at least 1 Resistance (Upcoming mint).
  • Eggz evolution will start after the P2E launch and will be through the P2E. There will be new metadatas released in January, but not the evolution itself.

An important feature of Soakverse is the liquidity inflow from partners & utilities we’ve created. We’re getting ready to receive external liquidity flowing into the ecosystem and rewarding active members of the community in multiple ways:

  • $SKMT staking;
  • $SKMT liquidity massification;
  • External prizes from partnerships for raffles;
  • P2E prizes & tournaments prizes;
  • Project’s treasury used for collaborators compensation, partnerships development & other usage voted by $SKMT stakers.

On top of everything, 100% of the features & utilities discussed up to now will be released in 2023:

  • Web3 friendly regulated assets crowdfunding platform
  • Rental Platform
  • P2E Game
  • Ecommerce Deals & Affiliate Network Partnership
  • Web3 ecosystem automation through smart contracts using Chainlink Automation.
  • Accounting system supporting Crypto & Bank transactions for full transparency and automation.

This is mostly it, presented under the form of a VERY LONG TLDR.

2023 will be full of fun & adventures!

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