Wizh Stone or Degen Stone?

3 min readJan 26, 2023

Today, we’ve been minting our third collection: Wish By Soakverse.

An epic experiment for Soakverse.

6 Levels of Whitelist.

5 Levels of rarity chances.

Rewarding an ever active & helpful community with a guaranteed free mint + an increased chance for rarer NFT if you were part of the earlier minting phases, meaning you’ve been active & helpful during the past year of Soakverse.

It’s time that all those efforts start to pay.

Some Soakverse’s community members minted 50 Wizh Stones. Some will say it’s too much and shouldn’t happen but we don’t care much. Those people have been active, invested & accumulating in our ecosystem and for some of them, for more than a year.

That being said, February is a huge milestone for Soakverse. It’s my birthday and I decided to make myself a fucking huge gift: Delivering my baby Soakverse.

Wizh Stones are freakin’ degen stones and you’ll learn why: It’s built for gamblers, but free.

  • An ENTIRE portion of Soakverse’s ecosystem revenues will be fueled toward the Wishing Well, accumulating transparently & automatically on-chain revenues.
  • Wizh Stone Holders will be granted monthly skill quests for each stone they own, giving them a Wizh Essence on completion.
  • A Wizh Stone Empowered with a Wizh Essence will be granted a Wish at the Wishing Well & extra powers during Quests!
  • A Wizh will be randomly granted, ranging from an $SKMT Jackpot to legendary, rare and common game items, passing by redeemable NFTs for real world perks through our network of partners.
  • Wizh Stones, empowered or not, will also be included in some reward for active community member.

The $SKMT Jackpot will constantly increase until randomly won. The accrual of funds will come from all the revenues flowing into the smart contract dedicated to the Wizh Stones.

Owning Wizh Stones is like playing at the casino, but free. Demonic, Angelic, Mythic & Completed Seasonal Stones will have more chances to win higher rarity prizes INCLUDING THE JACKPOT.

The Wishing Well will open early February. Ah… And… Wish Stone Reveal Imminent!

We’ve added revenue streams lately to the Soakverse ecosystem: NFTs royalties & Soakverse Labs smart contract services. You’ve been developing the softwares with us, after all! It’s getting juicy!

Disclaimer: None of the NFT & Tokens developed by Soakverse are investment opportunities and nothing guarantees that buying those will be profitable. All we can guarantee is that active community members get rewarded. The only way to surely earn is to take action in the ecosystem. There will be no passive income and constant revenues distribution will be made only to active members that are contributing constantly to Soakverse. More info on this early February!

Soakverse is built to be sustainable & bulletproof to bullshit!

To learn more: https://linktr.ee/soakverse