Farewell, 2022. You’ve been good to us!

3 min readJan 1, 2023


Soakverse Logo

The Soakverse was founded in October 2021 by a group of passionate, Web3 enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, While our founding community was focused on exchanging ideas and knowledge, our initial goal was to connect the online and offline worlds of Web3 and Web2, while looking to find new ways to deliver value to the community in an ever evolving world. This included determining how to invest in real assets and systems that deliver genuine utility to the community, while combining travel, P2E, eCommerce, and physical real estate and other assets into a growing, evolving ecosystem.

The initial conception of this work was called Soakmont. The Soakmont project was based on a DeFI token launched on the market with the goal of becoming a tool to invest in real estate on-chain. This launch was followed by a genesis NFT collection called the Soakverse OGs that was introduced as the VIP pass of the ecosystem.

Through 2022, our team worked hard and researched while we watched the market shift. The crypto winter, as some called it, saw prices drop. Bad actors and opportunists threw shade on the crypto community, removing momentum from the industry and destroying trust. This pressure forced our project, and ultimately the vision for the Soakverse, to adapt and prepare for a new future in 2023. This brings us to today, and the vision for our future.

As the end of 2022 neared, the mission and our vision for 2023 became clear. We needed to create a new, vibrant community with transparency, as well as real assets, to enable growth and connect utility with ideas. We needed a stronger & more involved group of core contributors to take us forward into the new era, a firm disassociation from the get-rich quick schemes of 2022 that caused so many investors and projects to fail, and new engines for participation and growth. We needed to start 2023 differently, think differently while people involved waited, while remaining ready to grow as the market recovered. In short, we needed to write a new story in 2023.

In 2023, you will see that our group of contributors & partners has added new depth, with a clear vision, new leadership, and support for key roles including marketing, operations, and governance. Today, the ecosystem is already generating revenue through multiple channels, while ensuring that this revenue is managed openly and transparently with the governance that we know is required for success.

In 2023, you will see us taking Web3 to the beach through our Soakmont property, a physical resort that the project is purchasing in Madagascar. We are rolling out eCommerce, travel perks, shopping, merch, and new P2E benefits for those that love gaming. We are also forming new, off chain affiliate relationships with brands and entities who, like us, are committed to disruption and resistance. Together, we are building a new ecosystem that connects travel, real-estate, Web3, collaborations and people.

While we make no promises about the future and the value that will be created, we know that 2023 will be the year that we mint forward a new future within the Soakverse. And we look forward to minting that future, together with you at each step of the journey while the crypto sun rises over the horizon.

Farewell, 2022… Let’s make 2023 the greatest year of all!